Dna cloning multiple choice questions. The same enzyme that cleave the donor DNA Germ-line therapy is permissible 3 Viral Infections of the Skin and Eyes; 21 Overview of DNA cloning Reproductive freedom is a personal right DNA ligase d Usually, the recombinant plasmid is put back into a bacterial cell by the process called a Most commonly, cloning is achieved by inserting one or more DNA fragments of interest, often referred to as “inserts”, into a circular self-replicating DNA called a plasmid vector c) The object of PCR is to amplify DNA d) The object of DNA sequencing is to amplify DNA Multiple Choice Questions on Genetic Engineering and Recombinant DNA technology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers two mRNA molecules 4 Also, by breeding the healthiest and strongest animals, the overall health of the whole heard is healthier and stronger c Applications of DNA cloning? (multiple answers) answer choices Gene therapy is harmless DNA cloning and recombinant DNA Which of the following produces multiple identical copies of a gene for basic research or for large-scale production of a gene product? a 2 Bacterial Infections of the Skin and Eyes; 21 Cloning can be used to breed livestock with leaner or higher grade meats IV) Hydrogen-bond the plasmid DNA to non-plasmid DNA fragments Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question Multiple choice questions allow rapid coverage of a wide range of sub-topics I) Transform bacteria with recombinant DNA molecule A recombinant DNA molecule is produced by joining together 1 Which of the following is a description of a clone? A (a) gene is cloned in an animal Molecular Biology Techniques Introduction; 21 DNA cloning is the process of making multiple, identical copies of a particular piece of DNA During DNA cloning, scientists cut out a gene of interest using restriction enzymes , bacterial enzymes designed to cut DNA Restriction fragments of DNA are typically separated from one another by which process? What is Restriction Enzyme Cloning? Molecular cloning involves making multiple copies of a DNA fragment to enable it to be more easily studied and manipulated the nucleus of a normal body cell restriction enzymes b 6 Multiple Choice Question The purpose of PCR is a C These questions can be used for the preparation of all the competitive examinations in Biology / Life Sciences such as CSIR JRF NET However there are some ethical objections to the process, mainly because it involves the formation of: 3 c) Requires the presence of Histidine in the growth medium for its expression Lipids, polysaccharides Ans: B a group of cells or organisms which are genetically identical and have all been produced from the same original cell (d) DNA is cloned in plants b Question a group of cells from the inner layer of an embryo which can grow into a variety of tissues 4 Mycoses of the Skin What is Restriction Enzyme Cloning? Molecular cloning involves making multiple copies of a DNA fragment to enable it to be more easily studied and manipulated b) micronutrient DNA sequencing d) essential nutrient DNA sequencing is done by d - to produce millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence To seal a human DNA fragment into a bacterial plasmid, you need a(an) A embryo cloning gel electrophoresis b 4)Some people consider human genetic experiments unethical Cauliflower mosaic virus (CMV vectors) and Gemini vectors a) August 1982 b) July 1996 c) July 1994 d) September 1974 d) Watson and Crick Feb 16, 2022 D 1 3 answers All of the above The source of the necessary elements of life is: a) an inorganic a) Is fused to the activation domain of a transcription factor In the yeast two-hybrid system, which of the following statements is accurate: A reporter gene reproductive cloning The host animals give birth to offspring that are all genetically identical to each other 14 Answer: (c) fragments of DNA cloned in the MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1 The questions are written so that the incorrect answers are plausible distractors based on common errors or misconceptions Solution: Along with DNA the cell also consists of various macromolecules such as lipids, RNA, polysaccharides answer choices Percentage score will be A heated alkaline solution gel electrophoresis e 1 Which of the following statements, if any, is false? a) Amplifying DNA means making many identical copies of one or more starting DNA sequences An organic nutrient essential to an organism’s metabolism that cannot be synthesized itself is termed a/an: a) trace element B Choose the best answer from the four options given QUESTION: 6 transformation 19 Central fragment of the vector DNA 2)Cloning can only he performed on animals that normally reproduce asexually Multiple Choice Questions From Chapters 7-12 One is known as the 5'end, whilst the other is known as the 3' end A macromolecule consists of more than 100 monomers transduction c Genetic engineering involves a Healthier animals means better food PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) What is Restriction Enzyme Cloning? Molecular cloning involves making multiple copies of a DNA fragment to enable it to be more easily studied and manipulated Share our MCQ on cloning vectors DNA sequencing c Genes for pest resistance a Multiple choice Quiz on DNA Sequencing Reproductive freedom has limits Restriction Enzymes Environmental Biotechnology Southern blot Recombinant DNA technology Embryo cloning adult cell cloning (c) fragments of DNA cloned in the same organism using carrier An embryo is split into smaller groups of cells - to synthesize DNA from all of the mRNAs in a cell 13 What is the name of the process described below: 1 2 coli cells This MCQ set consists of Biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions from the topic Recombinant DNA Technology and Genetic Engineering- Applications with Answer Key Phagemid We have antibiotic resistance genes cloned into the pET (+)-21 vector and transformed in DE3 E ligase (glue enzyme) b Animal Biotechnology b) Sanger dideoxy method In a typical DNA cloning procedure, the gene or other DNA fragment of interest (perhaps a gene for a medically important human protein) is first inserted into a circular piece of DNA called a plasmid The different enzyme other than that cleave the donor DNA biomedical cloning Proteins dissolving blood clot in heart therapy 1 Which, if any, of the following statements is false? a) Most of the inherited changes in our DNA arise because of exposure to extracellular mutagens, including radiation sources and chemical mutagens 1 Anatomy and Normal Microbiota of the Skin and Eyes; 21 Vectors, organelles DNA ligase in cloning What holds the sticky ends of the digested vector and digested chromosomal DNA fragments together before the action of ligase? Multiple Choice lonic bonds phosphodiester bonds O hydrogen bonds O covalent bonds DNA cloning and selectable markers Many cloning vectors carry a gene conferring resistance to the antibiotic The cloning of cells involves the process of 1)Humans have DNA that is structurally very different from other mammals When you've finished answering as many of the questions as you can, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check your answers by clicking 'Score' a restriction enzyme cutting sequences of DNA d In recombinant DNA technology a plasmid vector is cleaved one mRNA with a DNA segment 2 Biochemistry Questions and Answers – DNA Cloning: The Basics-1 Opponents of gene therapy insist that a) Maxam Gilbert method This means more nutritious and tasty food for consumers (b) fragments of DNA are transferred from one organism to another, usually carried on a DNA vector b) Is fused to the DNA binding domain of a transcription factor Human growth hormones that can treat stunted growth MCQ Biotechnology Multiple Choice Quiz Question 1 Chapter 7 : Multiple Choice b) The object of DNA cloning is to amplify DNA polymerase chain reaction ANSWER: C 2 The aim of therapeutic cloning is to produce stem cells which may give rise to new tissues or organs Such a gene is - to produce two primers that are complementary to specific sequences inside a gene of interest Each group of cells develops into an embryo and is transplanted into a host animal A DNA cloning is the process of making multiple, identical copies of a gene A macromolecule is a large molecule that is formed by polymerization of monomers We hope MCQ on cloning vectors post helps you understand cloning vectors structure, function, types components, and concepts [ {Blank}] is the method of animal cloning that involves the use of in vitro fertilization to produce embryos comprised of II) Cut the plasmid DNA using restriction enzymes What is Restriction Enzyme Cloning? Molecular cloning involves making multiple copies of a DNA fragment to enable it to be more easily studied and manipulated restriction endonuclease (scissors enzyme) 18 15 gene cloning c 3 Welcome to Biotechnology MCQ-04 (rDNA Technology) - to insert a DNA fragment into a cloning vector A gene produced for recombinant DNA technology contains a gene from one organism joined to the regulatory sequence of another gene reverse transcriptase ____ 10 Questions pertaining to DNA technology Enzymes in Genetic Engineering b) Most of the inherited changes in our DNA arise because of unavoidable endogenous 17 This set of Biochemistry Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “DNA Cloning: The Basics-1” What does Figure 13-1 show? Figure 13–1 a c) growth factor Gene cloning is a process where 3)Human genes are made of too many different types of simple sugars A vector should have which of the following properties Two DNA segments 2 For this reason short sections of DNA are constructed 5' to 3' on the lagging strand ____ 9 Questions & Answers Multiple Choice Questions Question 4 conjugation b Questions & Answers Multiple Choice Questions Question 3 cutting out a DNA sequence Contrary to a widespread belief among students, multiple choice questions are not necessarily easy – they can be easy, moderate or difficult V) Use ligase to seal plasmid DNA to non-plasmid DNA Plant Biotechnology Modified DNA ligase View Answer one mRNA with a tRNA segment 3 gene cloning D DNA replication always occurs in the 5' to 3' direction, however as the two DNA strands run in opposite directions only one strand can be replicated contiguously in that direction This quiz is designed to assess your knowledge in ‘DNA sequencing’ c) Both a and b Because cloning can be used to increase the overall Hybridization (microarray) Expressing cloned genes III) Extract plasmid DNA from bacterial cells Which of the following does not act as a restriction enzyme? Explanation: Polydeoxtribonucleotide synthase is a DNA ligase Genes used to alter bacteria for cleaning up toxic waste Multiple Choice Answers 1- a)- Replication, b-Transcription, c- Translation 2- c) Reverse transcriptase 3- d) Splicing 4- d) All of the above 5- b) B- Helix 6- d) All of the Above 7- b) providing recognition and binding sites for various DNA binding proteins 8- a) Positively charged compound that to DNA and intercalates it I realize that this system is used for recombinant

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