Graal gfx male. i just want to make an announcement! Im thankful for the people that are supporting me and cheering me on to continue editing Jade Graal GFX<3 Any Head or body didnt work?Just send it to me at gmail (moaaza30@gmail graal pixel edits website %d bloggers like this: Graal Edits! Naru, Adrianne, Elizabeth (NAE) Cutie Factory top 011 It was a fun run while it lasted and I can’t believe people still view this site so much com This Gfx is cool Hello, Jed here, if you got sweet ideas or you have something to tell, come contact me directly at: : jedgonmad@gmail Hi!This is where you can find graal upload heads/bodies HEADS RANDOMS BODIES HOODIE Girls edition coming soon! I’m so sorry if you see Ads Leave a comment InsomniaGfx The head comes in both PNG and GIF by tropicalpalace Humblegfx GFX for graalians the logo was drawn by shorbh <3 Hello Guys Another male head Hope Y’all like it You can see me there opening a small editing shop With cheap prices ofc~ Here’s some bodies that i ifiled and probably gonna make some like these soon! Enjoy Always wanted to be unique, and stealing the show with your uploads? Don’t wait any longer and email me! HEADS *only edit = 75 gralats * 12/15/2016 8:58 PM This is my last post for OwO GFX due to a problem among the artists 6 Im working in the best head of all graal based on chronicle head and other head i have created a Epic and original rainbow head!!! 😀 if there is something contact me at LeaDelph@Hotmail SCABICHI GFX Home; Contact; Requests; Search for: Search:D I am a beginner GFX editor, and this site is very new WELCOME TO THE MALE HEADS SECTION! Halloween heads PS ; also go follow Era graal relared Instagram account @queenabby worm free since 2004! ChaTemGFX - ChaTem ; Kissae ; Milky ; Fujiwara ; Mai ; Ray - toad’s public Gfx Graal gfx We post heads and bodies and yeaok bye Goblin I found a cute head on UnknxGfx and turned it female along with redoing a lot of the hair shading but trying to keep the same shape vongfx Uncategorized Leave a comment February 3, 2019 You can find me on Graal by searching the guild "Milele" or email me at kelsiesgfx@gmail Since this website is kinda dead, I’ve started my own with a friend of mine If you want to own head or body contact me on graal era :MadMax (Bomb) And we will talk about it it costs 20,000 gralats A whole galaxy full of uploads Set Transparency For Some Heads, Or Its Won’t Work Bryden People need to recognize and practice ways to help the environment Posted on June 20, 2012 For starters, this Hina Amano was my old personal head but in different hair color and eyes heads bodies dont forget to set transparency on cc bodies! However, I began editing and I have yet to complete the male upload September 24, 2020 Seyan Gfx Leave a comment I miss them and all these “new friends” i cant deal Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) b a b i e GraalOnline Era Plaid Skirts ! I’ve been getting a lot of compliments and questions about this body so I decided to not be stingy and share it with you guys! I got most of the top from universallygfx (love her and her site sm) and made the skirt myself ♡ Graal custom GFX site ♡ Styles Gfx A freehanded cat ears male head (base from Graal Depot) He has several majors in Animation and Editing, he is an apprentice in making heads from scratch I will put all the edits and customs I make here Written by merrygraal I don’t really know how much you take for it but it would be really cool For girls I can recolor the head to the color of one of the body extensions Custom uploads will make your Graal character stand out If every person only deleted 10 of those emails, they could save 1,725,00 gigabytes of storage space and around 55 Posted on May 29, 2021 May 29, 2021 by fso You are free to upload them to Graal or re-edit them Featured As it was well-liked, I decided to make one quite similar to it Ty 0 Comments Leave a Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email In this post, I will be posting the Female New Years Heads first! I have came up with this head inspired by the design of Tulips and their meaning for every individual colors I have made ℋℯ𝒶𝒹𝓈 ℯ𝒹𝒾𝓉ℯ𝒹 𝒷𝓎 𝓂𝒶𝓇𝒾𝒶 𝒶𝓃𝒹 ℴ𝓉𝒽ℯ𝓇 𝓅ℯℴ𝓅𝓁ℯ ℴ𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝓈𝒾𝓉ℯ🎗 Scroll down for heads other people have made \\\\ Random (some are my old ones)s BAPE (1993-2093) Body Set (Male) com ALL FROM:MIYABI GFX Credits to hookedgfx and sophia for the hair colours Original : gunnergraal Be responsible, mature, and whatnot kakyutan ko'y naguumapaw Visit the post for more So make sure to give credit to this site (rest credits are written in each individual posts) Welcome to My GFX/BLOG! Posted on June 9, 2014 by graaljed you’re awesome tysm for making diss website 1 We're lazy asf Feel free to check it out since, yk, we’re no longer October 8, 2018 October 8, 2018 ~ infinitygraalgraphics Head Template: I got this head on Bubbles website! I edited it off her slendy girl head! Hers was just white The original head can be found on graal depot as a present for coming back 😂 * I will have Updates soon Dina is sexy I'll be posting screenshots of the thieves' profiles here Feel free to report them, give them shame Thieve #1: A different looking Color-changeable hoodie *Set Transparency Before Uploading it’s kinda sad to say because graal, along with some of my online friends now, was a part of my childhood The head is originally from the PixelGarden, and the body is originally from Miyabi GFX 20 missrave Graal Customs made by Kelsie and Destiny and Yasmin♡ Crescent Graal Graal Era Head and Body Chop Shop-iFiled Heads upon request/random are uploaded here Updated: 1/21/2017 5:55 PM EST Want it gone? 5k Trochus* Updated 1/5/2017 1:10 PM Compártelo: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Like this: Like Loading Get Started 15-03-2020 / prettyneatgfx updates found on bottom of page I didnt know what to do, so I did some simple edits to the default noob head Posted by itsjustsammy on February 25, 2014 Hi! just popping in here to let you guys know I’ll try to post at least one more time this month, but then I’m taking another long break from GFX can you make the head without the second face because graal era refused this head (sorry its been so long, but I’m back to editing for this site again^^) Original head: Poochymoochy idk, you tell me Faggot fucked you up and you want revenge? PM or Chu(Uzi Family) or Zack (Ebizou Dab)-Tecca Nina png OYE Thank You All Seeko-Chan {GFX} (Graal City High) My name, and guild! XD 🐰[português]🐰 Hey! I got really bored so I finally decided to edit these lmao Wp will not stop showing them unless I get a Premium Plan :/ -Wast* GUNNER GFX com Male heads Male Heads Share this: Twitter i try oke 2017 Format Gallery Leave a comment on I am back guys new male heads new heads 0 NEW SET FOR WHOEVER WANTS THEM CX SET FROM: MIDDYANDBOOKIEgfx killagraalgfx Heads – Cabezas Bodies – Cuerpos Welcome to the Male Heads Section! Here are over 100+ FREE Male Heads template from others site for GraalOnline Classic, GraalOnline Era, GraalOnline Zone, GraalOnline Ol’West and more GraalOnline Servers! This page let you find male heads easier and it’s FREE head’s template! Well, there’s a first for everything i guess Home; About me! GFX; Girl Heads; Graal Gang Hats; Hats; Head packs/Purchasable ingame heads; iFiled Customs; Male Bodies; Male Heads; My Graal Screenshots; Update Notes; Weapons; Male Heads My dream room would be all purple LALAKI Juli 21, 2019 Juli 21, 2019 Vicipower Hinterlasse einen Kommentar I made both heads purple Chill Also because I haven’t in a while 4 uwu God Given Talent ”I started and created this “original” project on May 24, 2017 and during the next few days to weeks I will be working on these uploads, including several other’s that aren’t shown in the sprite sheet preview below I’ll be doing a summer exchange program, and I don’t want to worry about when I’ll be able to make the next head or freak out & check his sites u’ll see NoFace’s his heads from him HOLY COW NO CREDIT Where Pixels turns to life Man, I can not tell you guys how much I love the color purple A body set inspired by the iconic streetwear clothing brand “A Bathing Ape” or commonly referred as “BAPE a loser's pixel art for a cancerous game August 22, 2018 September 4, 2018 tuppielemon November 11, 2017 I’m very fond of our nature and earth that we are living in and this global issue is very alarming A Graal Online GFX Site! Skip to content another girl head recolored (icing) 2nd Male Head!! (Facu) I’m sure many boys want a site with lots of good male head’s! So I will make it true :O lol Outcasted Gfx For the girls liking my gfx ;) 3/24 5) When uploading a public shield or sword the file name is essential because that will determine the code name in-game Website with customized head, body, and shield files for Graal Era Online, Graal Classics, Old-West, etc You can see me playing Ol west Contact me in Graal Era for upload issues or ill contact you in graal old west On July 25, 2020 By Mina <3 Leave a comment I just started playing graal again :^ anyway heres an old personal i had on west cause im too lazy to make anything rn pretty neat gfx com Click or tap on those menus above to see all of my edits Rule:Pay first Need: Name of the person Forgive me > Enter your comment here Graalonline Custom Uploads upload to era Mars- Can make male & female customs, heads, bodies, guild hats, shields, swords, you name it A GraalOnline site for Graalians Sensible Style I’m sorry com , I am inactive on this site and will post more there And here is a body to go with it, let your disco outfit hit the dancefloor Titaniur GFX │Uploads Templates Enjoy! Draco GFX: Home About Contact Bodies Heads Status Codes Templates FAQ Donate Click or Tap the gallery icon to see the full picture It’s been a while and I’m VERY sorry for leaving you guys and you probably think, “Hey it’s another dead GFX site where they constantly talk about coming back!” and yeah you’re sorta right but I’ve been doing a bit of poking around in gfx files and I found something pretty neat and had an Idea! November 13, 2013 at 12:32 pm Girl Uploads Every GFX Need! Menu so i bent my back trying to finish this, just kidding this was ez graal era customs 💋 If you're interested in buying a head, please DM me on Discord! My Discord is aud#7138 If you would like you’re own personal head/body on : Graal Classic + , Graal Zone, Or Graal Era then you’re at the right place !! xd we're back for new update!! i have add some new custom Making graal kawaii one edit at a time~ :3 I wanted to give a s/o to my ORIGINAL squad Left one is boy, right one girl A Graal body will cost 10,000 gralats (or Upload Tokens) if it is uploaded to the game A mini assortment of heads (expanded weekly) Like this: Like Graal GFX website give creds to drizzlegfx also dont get mad at me 3: Here’s my second male collection : @jedgonmad Visit the post for more enjoy!! Search: 26 universally gfx Male sets Also, we’re only ~90 views away from 5,000 Graphics Team Other Sites! Feedback Latest Updates: February 18, 2017; Graal GFX: Home; Heads Oh! And Requested only Credits to: Estelle Gfx ( Gust) for the OG head, Mellow Gfx for the sides and Hair Color, Hlaudegfx for the back of the 2nd head 🐰[english]🐰 But in the mean time you can add me on graal : Halle (coco puffs) Good luck to the gfx sites still alive and the editors that are just starting out or edit for tros, yall are amazing!! Stay safe, I will miss you ~ evergreen926yahoocom upload to zone Male Female Other Find help from our directory of therapists Find help from our directory of therapists Get Started Customs thesweetcupcakeblog Names I use in Graal Classic are: Smexy Altair, Altair, Death The Kid Hello, I know this is not gfx related issue or post but I am asking everyone to spread awareness about what is happening right now Menu Home; Male heads; Female heads; Contact; I’m back! for now png (a little cookie) leahpurplenodeshield Author: Titaniur Get started ) If you are interested in joining email me at zaffregraal Bilsan GFX Get Started com Sorry for not posting, I’m barely playing graal anymore, I’m unmotivated for gfx, and high school is just giving me a ton of homework Tags: blinking ( 3 ), creepy, cute ( 2 ), Girl ( 2 ), graal, Head ( 5 ), Pk, thunder, wink PK head for girls! I used to wear this head when I was noobie, it was the first edit I made that I wore 🙂 Male Heads small recolors and edits turned into us learning how do gifs, Credit for the head to original head maker The new writing format (for mobile at least) is weird, so I’m sorry if the pictures are weird 8 hours ago · Shadow Lamb's Graal GFX Sign me up Already have a WordPress Menu red head body does not change color and set transparancy for the body:p Hey! This my new gfx blog for graal Anyways, here is a new personal head project I’m working on for me, Erick I also play IdentityV so add me there to @MissRave or 799066 See you then 🙂 Visit the post for more Sorry that I’ve been so inactive, heres a head that I made a while ago My head is the pink one and hers is the downgraded version which she uploaded on both her accounts Gfx Shoutouts ♡ Male Heads ♡ The original collection can be found along with all my other custom/edited female heads on the “Heads(Girls)” page Payment will be ranged 50-400 CapChan GFX non- human/other oi pessoal, recentemente minha inspiração para a coleção KPOP foi então resolvi fazer essa “blue hour” da era TXT, aproveitem Decided to remake the male head from the last year’s halloween couple set Tag: graal gfx Menu toph from avatar! July 8, 2021 bloots September 23, 2018 Whether you are looking for Male Bodies on Graal Classic, Graal Era, Graal Ol’West, or Graal Zone, we have several options for you! We will be featuring several amazing GFX artists we're back! sorry keep you guys waiting Create your website with WordPress Shan,Graalonline,Gfx Your email address —– When done I will send to you Reply Easy Simple Graal Gfx It’s an edit of latte’s sweater body To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here And she created herself a matching head and body set from an app, Juniper’s Knot lol for EraGraal news on new hats and items & new Credits to them! I recolored the body from Miyabi, and recolored the eyes, hair, and bow from the Pixel Garden Grab to show diamond Like Like Type in your Graal ID by ashgraal I mostly will be making females heads for now, but will also do the occasional body, hat, horse, and maybe even some guy heads :0 The heads I post aren’t always 100% original, sometimes I just edit the animation or re-color, but if I do I promise to give the original maker credit There is Male Heads Section with over 100+ FREE Male Heads template from others site for GraalOnline Classic, GraalOnline Era, GraalOnline Zone, GraalOnline Ol’West and more GraalOnline Servers! This page let you find male heads easier and it’s FREE head's ♡ Graal custom GFX site ♡ Male Heads Leave a reply I CANNOT make it gif, for you idiots gif means making it blink or other things move Graal Era/Classic Editor August 25, 2018 July 25, 2020 On July 25, 2020 July 24, 2020 By Mina <3 Diamond XD (Wang) Nov it has been a while since I have uploaded, but here is a male head that I edited This WordPress png (only work for classic) my unicorn shield :D 132,850 hits; 🌸 Nevagfx welcome to shirokagraal Male Bodies I hope you like it! L‘ body graal graal online graal online classic latte sweater Lee's Gfx :) Stay fashion Search Stats Added the hair to these (and also recolored) Hair by: Jamie gfx (cut from her head and pasted on head) Head by: yukimoon gfx This girl named Pancake stole my personal head which comes with extensions I made and edited it for her own use ) One day, she downloaded GIMP and played around with pixels If you have edited it, the credits go to you and me heads, bodies, ideas # Original B) nini♠gfx All credit to them will be provided if I edit something from their head or body And, if you happen to know who owns the skin tone, please let me know since I don’t He deserves it and he’s extremely talented You have 30 minutes from the time your upload is approved by an admin to receive a 100% refund at the Information Kiosk in Graal City (next to the battle arena) So here it is guys and anyone can use it so feel free to upload this! Yes, my watermark is on it as well as Eul’s but I More New male body upload!!! The barbie body will be posted in 1-2 days, and more male heads, male bodies,hoodies,kawaii uploads,and ranging in skin color will posted within the next 2 months! Whoop Whoop! Leave a comment When it comes to heads I can only recolor it and here is some other shield i made :D (for classic but i’ve lost the templates) leahshield bbycakesgfx I’ve been making hats that I hope will be accepted, and I will work on some halloween heads next Welcome to Tropical Palace < Anyways, set transparency on the overalls, but not on the sweater Graal Male heads Its because all these amazing gfx artists have there Names on all their stuff and sometimes I think that’ll make me better 3 If you have a specific request,Contact me in Graal Hola 00 itunes – recolor or any other small changes Posted by itsjustsammy on March 30, 2014 png or setsword zeus-sword Female He enjoys making different looks as well Ally & Ari Cool 😀 so my name is Fluffy#Charm -Ashyy Xien Gfx Again I thank you all for still following me and visiting my website! Hello, it has been almost 2 months horn-shield-leah Wang is new qt Directions: 1 For everyone I can just recolor the head Male bodies Random Heads & Bodies! UPDATED! Just a few heads and bodies, some match, well enjoy! :D I haven’t posted for so much long now so here you go enjoy! If you want to change the head color just pm me or dm on insta @kumathepuma_ Graal GFX: Home; Heads E You can save image in this Gfx or you can suggest a heads or anime to i edit it email me at Cotillonluigi@gmail Heller everyone! This is Lily Royale (Royale Modeling Agency) and me and Clari made this website to post bodies and heads free for use! If you would like a colored head or body just for yourself message me or clari on Graal Classic + and we’ll make it asap Click on any head 2 300 gralats or $3 I am looking forward to posting some of my work here :D Home Updates Male Heads Female bodies non- human/other Templates Other Sites! Feedback There are alot of heads i posted on the page 'updates' that aren't here because its laggy for me universally gfx Join 39 other followers This is my first entry on our gfx site and because so many of you asked me to about my Sasuke body i’m going to post both, female and male versions here When it comes to bodies I CANNOT make the body color changeable Calvin is mean ^,~ Please do give credits to me for the edits! 8 hours ago · Shadow Lamb's Graal GFX Sign me up Already have a WordPress I kind of experimented with the eyes so it may look a bit weird but you’ll get used to it or either edited will be uploaded here Welcome I want to speak about this and I really want to shine light into this Pingback: Some Boys Heads hehe | Yuki GFX For Graal Era This is a preview of a couple set Lights† Coming Soon! This June 6th! By poohbearz • Tagged Bodies, Boy, Customs, Female, Gfx, Girl, girlfriend, Graal, GraalClassic, GraalOnline, Graphics, Heads, Male, slender, slendy, woman With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Graal Heads Male animated GIFs to your conversations Leave a hello ppl, i made this blog to post graal bodies, hats, heads and more made by me or just edited by other gfx artist Graal GFX Blog site! Mariah Nicole Presents com with the following questions (you can just copy/paste them and answer): 1 But I’m still that occasional graal gfx player I used to be-laziness included 00 itunes – anything you want =) If you are looking for other sites to visit, you will find a page with a list of others’ gfx sites check my stuff out AND HOPEFULLY you'll like it :) Maria GFX at Twitter Crazycookiegraal Please use the following links: Male Heads Male bodies Small heads customized for logan Bodies; HI, WELCOME TO THE NEW WEBSITE GRAALORE, FOR GRAAL HEADS, BODIES, AND FEATURED CODES! ENJOY So here’s one based after my lovely boyfriend , he likes to go to shooting competitions and dress up as a gunslinger so it kind of fits lol Peachesgfx i would like to learn how you make these heads thanks Eul's Gfx Here is the first head(s) edit! Original from Lucy Enjoy, and don’t set transparency im really looking forward to being a gfx admin so hopefully u guys will support me along the way hehe First male head Since 5/16/15 full of randomness GraalOnline Male Heads I just recolored all the heads brown Or leave a comment on the “Requests” page 4) Private shields/swords cost 2500 gralats com Enjoy Poochy Graal Original heads credits to GRAAL ofcourse,female one is from era and the male one is from classic = file name: zeussword *Remember To Set Transparency For Some Of Them, Or Else It Won’t Work* I was thinking of editing the original general graal heads into an ogre but i thought of the black kitty,would be more classy ksks Recent Posts bodys and head png = 300 gralats * Click the button labeled “Choose File” and look for the custom file you want to upload THE START If you have a specific request, Contact me in Graal Take a look! Take care, stay healthy, Clara here you can find some of my heads that i made! originally made by me Edit~ dun care if you use it, I won’t smack you ;D Visit the post for more Make sure you have the correct amount of money for the custom Made face, edited hair color, added black and gold, added exten to body gif Graal Male Heads Gif Graal Customs For You! Menu HOME; FEMALE HEADS; FEMALE BODIES; MALE HEADS; COUPLE SETS; ABOUT US! CUTIES; Male Heads February 3, 2019 Enter your email to stay up to date with new posts!02/01/2021 ~ nuygfx ~ Leave a comment I’ll be more specific with what I meant by “ edit “: -Change the eyes, eye color Male Head Uncategorized Tagged graal, graal gfx, graal male heads, graalgfx, graalonlineclassic Leave a comment enjoy!! Male heads 150/head Didn’t put any grabs/gif, I just fixed the skin tone + hairstyle (a bit) male; shields; sites (: February 16, 2018 / Lights* / Leave a comment Hello guys! This is my first post Heads are edited by us so the gfx i made is or female and male May 16, 2016 leviathanuh ctto The colors are changing when you walk (it doesn’t) but then I’m like But if someone ask you who made it, please say its Rawrzy Auralee or give my website adress Riku Gfx On July 28, 2020 By Mina <3 Leave a comment Rainbow, disco, not normal, blinking head If you see that I edited one of the customs you made and you don’t want them to be mag's graphics ichi; if you see any other person with this head or my old head ITS NOT ME! theres a girl around era her name is helena adams! and shes not me! she ifiled my head SO UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT ~~~~~thanks ocean~~~~~ (plz give her a hug if you see her) ANYWAY i will try to post a head daily at Gmail I decided to recolor one of my previous collections of girl heads Credit to one of my favorite sites, UnknxGfx Male Heads; Male Bodies; Unisex; GFX Graal Submissions; Requests(Now Open!) Nice Gfx Bro! Authors! Praise; Contact; Male Bodies Moral of the story is: This GFX site has almost hit 1,000 views Idk why I randomly decide to put my name on things Love youuu Graal Upload GFX Site Pinetree - Psyche (Credits to yukimoon, Nhi, Totoro, Outcasted, Luckystar, Sof, Poochy Moochy, Bellaboo, Kyle, Angel, Lilian, Outcasted, Lyvia, Jessiedivine, Noyee No one likes some one else’s name on their head :’) so I keep it off Cuties Instagram: idv Everything is color changeable except for the plaid detailing on the skirt head from scratch a long time ago and i decided to upload it now One Eye – Uno Ojo we created The Random People Gfx Heads (Male) 0 Boy bodies Domain 0 Blog Stats It would be great if you can credit them Bodies; Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates Jun 1 2013 Posted on 19 August, 2016 by Titaniur wordpress and I edit the boy head and the body from tiffanygraalgfx Hope you can use this! Author cleogfx Posted on August 20, 2017 Leave a Two are the same but have different times This is recolors I did from my favorite custom male head gfx site For all the people who for some reason ask us Gfx artists to upload for you, HERE: eraupload I know half of you guys won’t see this post or read all of it but this really needs to come into the light 100/body These are some cool boy bodies I found on other sites! Credit goes to lyviagfx, graalgalaxylovers, Crystalsong uploads, and more! (Warning: there may be some repeats, sorry about that) Like this: Like Ign:Moglin A Graalian GFX Website Ps Cookie,PB,Ioana Aya's Little Closet 00 itunes – recolor, add any small details, add GIF (s) 2800-10000 gralats or $6 Kylee Has I am New site owner and i am working on drawing new heads and bodies on graal era Leave a Hello FH BAB Personal head, split the colors added gold added evil face and angry eyes, and made exten CammpyGFX YukimoonGFX ItzAqua LyviaGFX Kelsiscarletfilla Elgfx Rachelgraalgfx cdgraalgfx sweetnsourgfx kawaiipixeltwins lineagraal Hallegfx kyleegfx NanityGraal Brielleox Caramel and Bear LucyGraal Eranox Yarexy Kelly GFX Loxo GFX Chevrolx Jade GFX Younggenerationgfx Heart Graal Riah Riah holidaycheergfx Cookiedoe Hyuners GFX Madijengfx Rinkateru Redvelvett End Scarletbakery Nothing but love from this oven! Bodies; Graal Heads; but unfortunately Graal still has thieves that steals other people's work Blue Male Geode head~Tuppie Graal Maps; GRAAL GFX; Totoro Graal Graphics; serengfx; Aya's Little Closet; Welcome M G B Y T E G R A A L; soonfoundgfx; lucygraal JinJinGfx Graal Customs and Weird Stuff Hii Welcome to Cleo GFX! I am a dedicated Graal player and I have made this site to take requests from other players! I will make gifs for the heads and the bodies are cc Or leave a comment on the “Requests A Graal Edited Site jadreygfx %d bloggers like this: Heads on this page are edits female bodies Idk Compártelo: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Animated boy heads (GIF) Male head (Abbey) This is for you males out there, sorry I haven’t done anything male for awhile, ricardo would usually do males heads for my website but here you go males this is my first male scratch head but the hair is a little bit of an edit by Lucy and it blinks too so enjoy When I asked her about it she was very rude and Just need to make the gif, which I would prefer to do tomorrow ( (: In the meantime, enjoy these!! Head credits go to myself from an older post (with the same original credits applied!) and body credit goes to Recy GFX 1- Jack Skeleton 2- Purple Cate 3- Cute pig 4- Crazy Magoo 5- Ocean Queen 6- Sweet Ghost 7- Noob Is Frozen 8- Cat 9- Noob Zombie 10- Mad Hatter 11- Broken Doll 12- According to The Good Planet, nearly 107 billion spam emails were sent and received a day in 2019 gif = 500 gralats *without ‘C’ logo = 50 gralats Heads (Male) Animals/non human net Contact Info; Graal: Leader of (Helios), Kik: _dynxsty, Instagram Agartha Select an upload type Male – Masculino; Public Shields – Códigos de Escudo; Prices / Request Edit; FSO GFX For these heads they have REALLY long hair, which is a hard find when it comes to graal so I made one Welcome to Mochi Gfx! Where Graphics and pixel art come to life! (Currently allowing updated/blinking head edits GraalOnline Classic GFX Jigoku wordpress so credits to them Get Started Mars GFX: Home Male Heads Male Bodies Female Heads July 9, 2016 itsjustsammy GraalOnline Classic GFX #21 (no title) About; Cat Boday Wooooo has it been a loooong time! But I’m here, and “I’m in a store and I’m singing!” ️ Jk Imma post the female sets later or tomorrow so stay tuned - Graal GFX site - LalaGFX ~ Leave a comment Hair by: Jamie gfx (cut from her head and pasted on head) Head by: yukimoon gfx Happy Accidents We kinda “seperated” ig u would say but Jor doing her own thing and Bri quit and Mack gone and Jasha idk whea tf she at but yea, La quit and Fruit does her own thing im slightly getting better and i love your guys messages saying yall love my edits cx! thank you all so much!-mew They’re NOT colorchangeable Ocean was super super kind to give me the old gfx me and her use to run png; Code name ingame will be similar to the fie name like; setsword zeussword ~ Umi ~ 2 Comments Loading png (a little purple node) i made them when i was noob xD so keep caaalm Posted in Uncategorized, Image format on March 14, 2014 by If u want to use it please don’t go saying around and telling people that you made it give me a proper credit thx tywastaken August 25, 2018 July 26, 2020 Home; About; Contact Info; Featured Welcome! This is the post excerpt Posts about Graal Heads written by scarletbakery AND, feel free, to do any recolors or edits that you like on paint I believe most of us who worked here, including Joyce herself, has moved on from graal 2 million kilowatts of Vici's GFX Corner Graal Graphics Dana & Ven December 6, 2014 by mbn413 Hi my name is bubbles :p leader of Zayum and welcome 2 mbngfx!! Which stands for momo,bubbles,and ninja!! There are three admins on this site!! We post graal heads and bodies and please make sure to give credit to us Female bodies! gfx sites!! male bodies! male heads! Menu; meggy013's Blog ~ hello ppl, i made this blog to post graal bodies, hats, heads and more made by me or just edited by other gfx artist Graal depot bear recolors Click to set custom HTML Credit to me for eye colors and gifs His style is dark and sexy with amazing gifs yes it blinks its just that epic B) credits to Miyabi for the original head (i was too lazy to do something from scratch so its more of a major edit) anyway ill probs start posting again once i get back into doing gfx, so stay also im seeing big improvement in my art!! hope u guys r looking up to that <( ^_ ^) > (aka my name use to be Skye) 🖤GFX for graalians🖤 graal customs -Add in names Was fairly easy since it’s symmetrical 5 Katy Cross Leave a comment Bindi Heads com) and tell me its problem My first edit also XD I’m a 15 year old sketch artist and I’m a beginner at editing teehee Florens Graphics I don’t think im going to be doing blogs though Lily's Mall I didnt have a lot of ideas for starting off this post with i changed my name on graal to “raf”,, requests are open for gralats,, just talk wit me sleepus graal graphics This entry was posted in Uncategorized on February 6, 2013 v3's Graal GFX I did a tiny edit with the eye color and made it blink / Leave a comment Due to the complications yesterday, I decided to do an update today A Graal Graphics Site for Graalians Stop asking October 26, 2016 freakyJay Leave a comment Base head by Bilsan which I obtained from Colour Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: All male head uploads I made New boy headssr Aye ive been seeing some peeps with my heads and bodies 😀 Thanks for using them! Also im back from 2018 so i may start posting more soon The girl head I edit from ruvcogfx Hi~ I just like to follow gfx artist here 💖 Posted in: Uncategorized He plays Graal Era and I don’t think he is as active with posting as he used to be, but I could be wrong png (cat ears) cookiebyleahshield In the mean time I will start watermarking my gfx since I have a few gfx stealers! This head already had my name on it, if you upload it PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT! 🙂 Totally worth checking out xx Hey guys im new to kittysgfx This blog will have the best gfx sites and best styles! Follow us Enter your account information Most viewers will enjoy that part the most anyways 00 itunes – recolor and add GIF (s) 1800 gralats or $5 bye =P Credits to Agartha Gfx ANywho, I’m adding in the male heads Scratch Male Heads #9 Male Heads don’t set trans She was new to Graal in 2013 and thought wing shield codes were the coolest thing (like every other newbie please Enjoy Graal uploads, graal uploads gfx, graap era upload site, highlight hair boy graal, Male heads graal, mark on eye gif era, nice boy uploads graal, Nice uploads so hope you like my gfxsies Author xfantazii Posted on March 30, 2017 April 2, 2017 Format Image Leave a comment on Am hiring gfx artists so contact me if ur interested new bodies Do major edits (not just recolouring, changing eyes, etc Leave a Reply Cancel reply I hope she doesn’t mind (^ᴗ^)/ I actually mashed up: Tiny Sweaters & watercolor pastel heads Also I will be adding more bodies and male heads very soon! Like you all wanted! and as you requested, I shall keep it up! cc = color changeable Contact Me Posted on July 31, 2021 July 31, 2021 by fso Leave a comment Graal Bodies (Male | ChenPlaysGraalGFX - WordPress Also , the boy head was 1st edited by a friend of a friend (idk his name) and after that I edited it more so credits to that person I don’t wanna get Gunslinger Head Collection by Kelsi Lifeingraal Welcome! Please comment and leave feedback! Graal Classic Upload I know I shouldn’t be getting mad at this since this has happened to all people in Graal but May 2, 2020 May 2, 2020 ettygfx May 16, 2016 just another kawaii site Credits can be seen from the original post itself MiyabiGraal Menu HELLO PEOPLE, YES Update! by cai1234 hey guys, recently my inspiration for the KPOP collection has so I decided to make this TXT era “blue hour” enjoy I am the leader of twerking zebras Ifiled by me 😈 Same caption as the other one lol All mi wonderful frands r gonna post there too! July 1, 2021 shanGfx Leave a comment Edited noob heads Where cute graal creations are made~ Lemon 🍋 and shes making lies about me My name on graal is Original xxXSaniaXxx MALE HEADS CandieGFX Ken says: June 16, 2015 at 9:16 am Reply Like this: Like Loading Lmao u updated and thats SMEXY! But calvin been taking bodies from r2dgfx This page gets updated by Soroya Late Easter Hope you like it guys! THERE IS A NEW GFX ARTIST! His name is facu! He’s really good! Gfx site for Graal I will edit heads and bodies, so you all can enjoy uploads on Graal Male Heads (GraalOnline) Share/Compartilhe: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window) Click to Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates Hope you all guys like it and I will try to post more male heads! ~Kelsie Amaranthine GFX ifiler: Pancake Right click and press save as Female Heads GUNNER GFX Thank You Recolored bear (#4) January 20, 2022 If I do, it might take me a while to remember how to do it again April 23, 2020 ~ DaK ♥ A Graal Body/Head Paradise Created by Members of The Gang Customz ♥ Male Heads Female bodies non- human/other Creating recolored/new uploads for free to graalians Them bad bitches was Jasha, Fruitcake, Benetta, Mack, Bri, La and Jordan But it’s such a pretty color She also made a matching head for her bf using the base of my head END Graal Uploads Hey guys , this is not a gfx related post Share this: Graal customs male, graal customs female, custom graal heads, mudgfx, Graal Online Era so be sure to check there also Hi Welcome to our site Kindly Give proper credits to us,Please include our gfx's name and our gfx site if You use or edit anything in here Thanks also i play classic If you have request for other heads like this find me on graal Izaria CrUeL's GFX by leoly Tagged graal, graal gfx, graalonlineclassic Leave a comment JustElysianGfx "There's peace even in the storm",-Vincent Von Gogh Thank you for the support in this website But it’s time for me to resign now, bye everyone! Credits : Skin and eyes by Raskit Follow Following Newer posts When editing, as long as the head looks nothing like the original, or is an I also have my own gfx website called rogueswardrobe HELLO!!! Welcome to the new Tropical Palace blog v3 needs some ACTIVE artists who are willing to do GFX for public I plan on Home com site is the cat’s pajamas bodies I’ll be making a few more male heads tomorrow evening creds to lilysmallgfx X M G B Y T E G R A A L dê créditos e não remova as marcas ou sua edit vai ser postada aqui You usually find only average length hair Graal Customs~ Meanz GFX for Graal Classic/Era/Ol west/Zone I do not own them but please give credit my computer i make uploads on has its keyboard broken but oh well Old Personal Head + Hina-chan Enjoy!!! Share this with your friends! Tumblr; Twitter; Facebook; More Like this: Like Loading This is a climate crisis and not just a climate change August 15, 2021 Menu Graalonline Male head reactions? comment any one of my posts com Enjoy and GOD BLESS A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my viewers! Male Heads Get Started Male Bodies com; BearBearGFX; emmrgfx; Mrs Black Maid Gfx; Follow Kylee's GFX on WordPress Author xfantazii Posted on Male Heads (GIF) – Tarrasque GFX - Graalonline 14 August, 2020 Fever GFX Leave a comment Check out our MPX tips video, these are some tips we know will be really helpful since we are highly experienced MPX players I also changed the eye color to match the hair Please do NOT reupload any content I made myself or edited from other people Small heads customized for logan Set transparency if there is a visible background -Combine 2 custom into 1 (This cost more) -Change skin type Credits to them xD Visit the post for more One thought on “ Posted on May 4, 2022 by Poppy Wp will not stop showing them unless I get a Premium Plan :/ -Wast* I promised I’ll be less inactive in the future because I also wanna keep up with graal editing I’m a 2015 graal online classic player so feel free to add meh @MissRave But I might start editing uploads again Reply Male Bodies Merry Christmas Mud Jones jr's GFX Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies Here are some heads I haven’t posted, unfinished edits and abandoned projects that I have in my graal gfx folder weebly You guys should check it out and show Gunner some love 00 itunes – add a GIF (s) 1000 gralats or $4 Im glad im sticking mostly to gfx and staying away from graal since people have hobbies of spreading negativity Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading com or on kik Mia_karily For those of you who wants to contact me for free head edits, find me on graal by the name of Dakky Chan Everyone knows the upload that I use and I have already seen several people in graal with it, it is very annoying, I do not care if they use the head since it is from lauv gfx but the body I have modified and it is obvious that I infile it png (tape on mouth) leahshield2 I forgot what site I took the original head from, sorry By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use Here are some ideas of the pricing: Heads: 100 gralats or $1 graal gfx site The best compilation of uploads for graal I will be posting my work on Graal GFX Blog site! Mariah Nicole Presents :) ♡♡♡ You can find Destiny on Graal by searching the guild "smh" or Posts about graal male heads written by ettygfx Welcome to BunnyLooGfx I started off with Lucy’s head and removed the glasses & recolored the head 8 different colors Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public) ) -Feel free to upload, edit, and recolor any of the graphics I post here, as long as you don’t remove watermark when you are doing any of the listed Check out “Couple Uploads” for new heads there, as requested by a few of my fans Also, take a look at “New Boy Edits”, and “New Girl Edits” we liked editing heads and out of just boredom, we created a gfx site to share our edits By Zara, Bear, Seraphim, Daisy and Alexxx ♥ A Graal Body/Head Paradise Created by Members of The Gang Customz ♥8 A first nice pack of male heads! 🙂 One doll cost 350-400 tro (With any Gif you Like) Female & Male Graal Uploads This site can end on a good note you are truly aswome Use one of the following websites that you want to upload to | Tagged apps, gaming, gfx, gif, graal, graal blinking heads, graal classic, graal gifs, graal head, graal heads, heads, online | Leave a comment HELLO EVERYBODY thats my new website for graal gfx Hello boys and girls; I said i was going to make a Gfx and i did A wide asortment of Awesome bodies!!!! Please enjoy! :) The Olson Family Gfx June 1, 2015 Uncategorized TheOlsonFamilyGfx I Upload All Heads Bodies Hoodies Shields And Status Codes Just Pm Me David Olson(The Olson Family) Hope You Enjoy This Website! I hope graal is as great a place as it was, allowing you to escape what troubles you have weighing you down for just a slight moment A world beyond yours filled with styles fit for the Divine herself Stay tuned!!!! I did see many males with the last post of male heads that I posted 1/17/2015 0 Comments Everybody, go to FreshGraalGFX If there are any problems leave a comment in the comment section Well, maybe not August 2, 2014 aerosgfx Leave a comment You can find all my custom/edited male heads on the “Heads (Guys)” page kimi's gfx website are you playing graal online? are you otaku? looking for anime's head/body? you have come to the right place! yo there! upload to classic Now you have the image to upload to Graal Find me on the guild Symmetry 😉 Posted on April 27, 2014 April 28, by scargraal I’d dye my hair purple if I could shout out to sam for always reminding me to update and putting me in my place 1 Minute Also, credits to Bear for the first head’s hair color Male Heads; Female Heads; Male Bodies; Female bodies; More amazing sites ^_^ Male Heads Ctto Miyabi's Gfx these heads are awsome, could you make me a special request Peep the cute slit on the sides Get Started cute female uploads, sometimes male's too Totoro Graal Graphics Hey, I’m back from the dead and with a new body upload for the guys cause I feel like shit that I can’t a good male body Leave a comment Posted in Uncategorized and other stuff lol Tried making some pigtails, enjoy 30,225 beans; I’m so sorry if you see Ads Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates A female upload! Edited by Harriet Chan” creds to qwerty for the originals -LUIGI Editing customs for mushrooms or shells, price will depend on what kind of edit you want me to do Also I’m still Accepting Custom Edits Requests Warning:None of these heads are mine which means that I should give credit but these are heads I’ve been collecting on different sites and different times Graal heads and bodies by Menoa Click “Save image as” Just adding graal heads/bodies hey its fluffycharm here!! if any of you are curious on what i look like on graal era Sab Leave a comment 6) Public shield/swords cost 1000 gralats Hello everyone! Since graaloween is comming,this is for y’all Head Body Shield Sword Gang Logo Guild Hat Guild Acc wordpress Feel free to message me any thoughts or ideas My body 62,685 Stalkers; Blogs I Follow I started to play Graal again recently but I don’t know if i’m surely back and I don’t think I am since most of my friends quit ” Contact me in graal online era QE maxigfx Got bored and decided to finish this head Поделиться ссылкой: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Click on any head classic@gmail Juli 22, 2019 Vicipower Hinterlasse einen Kommentar 68,753 visitas; Authors No Posted in Female Heads, Recolors Tagged Female Heads, GFX Site, Graal Classic, Graal Classic Female Heads, Graal GFX Sites Beatrix Posted on September 27, 2015 by Orange GFX Weird Text Generator + I got bored of GraalOnline Era and quit Here are two not so lazy head edits I made from Diamond’s gfx site; Get Started graalonline I am currently active in Graal Era with my old internet friends pinklotusgfx -Change hairstyle 2 Get Started Visit the post for more Anywho, I decided to recolor a head off Graal Depot \