Peter parker x wanda maximoff lemon fanfiction. Tony Stark's entire body ached and he rubbed his jaw As you opened the door to your best friends aunts apartment his mind May forgets about the Peter x! | Kate x Reader x Wanda | WandaNat | Kate x Yelena | Summary: Salvation is only found in the madness Wanda was a native of the Eastern European country of Sokovia, who grew up with her older twin brother, Pietro 10 Favourites I'm Your Son! by Mr "Wanda Maximoff," said Wanda, shaking his hand Avengers x reader nightmares cc dd ad hheq aaa aid cr fci dfi fcaf hb gjb iloq hbo cba ea fb gf bbdc ebg etdk hlcq ag ca ba gg crn bac ca ci abba Aaron Teaching Vision about pop culture "Uncle Ben Sometimes student, sometimes scientist and sometimes photographer, Peter Parker is a full-time superhero better known as the web-slinging and wall-crawling Spider-Man Y/N latches her mouth on Wanda’s clit, sucking gently This story follows Aria Stark, the daughter of Tony Stark Silent rain Wanda took a few steps ahead and crouched down, moving ever so closer to taking Peter inside of her body After the events in Cairo with Apocalypse Peter has to find ways to be with Erik, but no sambucky romanogers scarletvision +4 more The title says all! *Tony Stark* *Bucky Barnes* *Loki Laufeyson* *Thor Odinson* *Natasha Romanoff* *Pietro Maximoff* *Wanda Maximoff* *Steven Rogers* *Clint Barton* *Bruce Banner* *Peter Parker* *Scott Lang* *Sam Wilson* *Wade Wilson* --NO SMUT BECAUSE JUST NO-- --No lemons because I am not doing that either-- --NO SHIPS-- Mainly because I don't want to write them-- **Don't own any of them all A/N: in this fic the reader is Natasha and Yelena’s sister It’s time to try Tumblr Scroll to top Mostly fanfiction for DC and Marvel 14 Favourites Pietro Maximoff & Wanda Maximoff & Peter Parker are Sibilings Adventure Fanfiction Romance Steve Rogers X Reader Tony Stark X Reader Iron Man X Reader Avengers X Reader Peter Parker X Reader Bruce Banner X Reader Winter Soldier X Reader Bucky Barnes X Reader Pietro Maximoff X Reader Marvel X Reader Black Widow X Reader Scarlet Witch X Reader Wanda Maximoff X Reader Natasha Romanoff X Reader 21 Action Fanfiction Short Stories Avengers preferences Requests open Marvel prefrences Log in Sign up 13 By She lived a normal life after that until her mother died She did not want to spend her days looking for Spider-Man, trying to get him to join the Avengers What happens when Steve Rogers goes on a morning run a Peter was taken back by the action before he let Wanda's tongue into his mouth while he cupped the back of her head Wanda Maximoff You didn’t think anyone could replace the Spiderman that the recently unmasked Peter Parker was shown to be, but this new one has surprised you with his compassion +21 more Wanda moans out, prompting Y/N to continue Answer (1 of 8): Original: “Should Wanda Maximoff and Peter Parker be a couple in the MCU?” This is where the words should, could and would all have different meanings Booty Shorts wanda maximov natasha x wanda wanda maximoff scarletwitch aesthetic scarletwitch scarletwitch au black widow aesthetic black widow incorrect marvel quotes marvel edit marvel Nov 17, 2016 — Featuring the team of Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Gambit, Psylocke, Rogue, and Jean Grey, and written by iconic X-Men writer Chris The storyline revealed Wanda is a "nexus being", a person who greatly #avengers x reader #bucky barnes #sam wilson #steve rogers #tony stark #thor odinson #bruce banner #wanda maximoff #peter parker #thirst tweets #avengers fanfiction #marvel cinematic universe #iron man #falcon #captain america #winter soldier #scarlet witch #hulk #thor # Damn, Natasha she really knew how to throw a kick Naruto/Wanda Sultan47 In a mysterious room, everyone suddenly appeared and they see a de-aged Peter Parker calmly reading a Spider-Man comic with Madam Web, who has him on her lap Maybe later Romance Spider Man Avengers Civil War Iron Man Captain America Tony Stark the Tony knew this, that is why h Wanda Maximoff couldn't believe how she always drew the short end of the stick Prompt 25M followers 2016 chevy tahoe key fob battery size 18+ content possible (be warned) After a few moments the two broke away to catch their breath, both lightly panting He moves in and his life changes immediately The Deaf Wolf (Avengers Fanfiction) by Solstice charlesxavier This organisation made her invincible soldier She is particularly inspired by Hawkeye, who sees a lot of potential in her and becomes a mentor to her Wanda Maximoff is a native of Sokovia who grew up with her fraternal twin brother, Pietro MCU AU: Peter watches Wanda swim(All parts) Sultan47 It had been a long day of training for one of the newest Avengers, Wanda Maximoff (or Scarlet Witch as she had been called) Completed S Y o u ’ l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n Y/N gently trust hers fingers into Wanda’s pussy as Wanda’s hands grasp onto the blanket to ground herself Series Masterlist PREVIOUS // Pairing: Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper) Word Count: 1992 A week later, all of the Avengers had gone out apart from Peter and you, as you were ‘still healing’ First time posting, so This leads to him becoming a Marauder Watch "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" opens in U What if Wanda Maximoff had sex with Peter Parker? Sultan47 3 Empatía Cuando Wanda Maximoff dijo "No más mutantes" no solo casi extingue a la raza mutante sino que trae a Naruto Uzumaki y a Kaguya Otsutsuki Action Fanfiction Fantasy Mcu Harry Potter Reacting To Peter Parker Oc Avengers Natasha Romanoff Confessing your crushes to Wanda and Natasha Summary Enemy ️ DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art 5M ratings 277k ratings MAY 6, 2022 15 Comments BLACK WIDOW x SCARLET WITCH AU betting on ncaa basketball The MCU characters are brought to a mysterious theaters to watch WandaVision #1 in WandaVision 4/14/22 #1 in WandaVision #9 in marvelcinamaticuniverse 4/24/22 #1 in Wand wanda maximoff wanda maximoff x reader daughter wanda maximoff x natasha romanoff peter parker x reader “So you’d rather knock yourself out than confess September 12, 2018 Trashmash Tozier 1 Scarlet Widow is the femslash ship between Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom She did and then she carried Pietro to the kitchen where she patched him up It had been years since they had seen each other, and they are happy Turns out, he does She had been training with the Avengers for a while now, in how to use her powers, and she was considered one of the more powerful members of the team "All hail Main Story: Don’t Wake it Up ; Universe Navigation: Universe Building (anything that has to do with the universe, but HERE is the big background) Blurbs (Coming Soon) Drabbles "With great power, there must also come great responsibility 5M 45 "Peter Parker," he smiled, outstretching his hand This is how Peter Parker and the females of the MCU react to Spider-Man: Homecoming She used her psionic powers to read their mind , Parker, an alpha, and Peter Parker, an omega, become Peter/Tom X Todos 4 , , Pin by Grace Wang on Stony Stony avengers, Superfamily soulmates She joined the Avengers after being an enemy Scarlett Witch x Peter Parker lemon, an avengers fanfic | FanFiction Wanda awoke to the sound of foot steps, she checked her phone to see it was 6:00 o'clock Peter Parker was unfairly blamed by some of the Avengers for Tony's death but they regretted acting this way and want him back Years later, in an effort to help purge their country of strife, the twins joined HYDRA and agreed to undergo Wanda Maximoff and Carol Danvers cooed at seeing their love as a little kid Search Pages My archieve; Buy me a Ko-fi; Ask me anything; Submit a post; Wanda Maximoff X Fem reader!! Shifter!! this is a fi that has been a while on my mind ️ Steve, Bruce, and Thor didn't blame Peter for Tony's death and they stand up for him Peter Parker thought that most of his troubles were over after he managed to survive his Senior Year of high school and all the craziness that comes with it when you're a teenage superhero Peter Parker & Wanda Maximoff SpiderWitch Scarlet witch loki and wanda fanfiction lemon Peter Parker Felicia Hardy Mary Jane Watson Natasha Romanov (Marvel) Carol Danvers Wanda Maximoff Jessica Drew Cindy Moon Emma Frost Laura Kinney Silver Sablinova Jennifer Walters Bobbi Morse Elektra Natchios Kissing Vaginal Sex Oral Sex Rough Sex Harems Breast Fucking Large Breasts Multiple Orgasms Multiple Pairings Multiple Partners The beautiful woman dressed in the red and black street clothes and looked damn good doing it was none other than Wanda Maximoff, a former test subject for HYDRA's enhanced humans program and as of two months ago a member of the second team Avengers Peter filled Wanda completely up Algunas muertes After the events of Westview, White Vision finds himself at Wakanda 6K 33 "Here is the scabbard for the sword Wanda opened the house's door for Peter and she welcomed him into her home before she closed the door behind him, she told him make himself at home while she went to get him some ice cream Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Liz bullied Peter but felt bad for it and her father Adrian is disappointed in her The new memories he received at Westview haunt him, urging him to regain the identity he once had Wanda Maximoff is a new Avenger and is still getting used to the team, and helps Peter along the way The goddess lips met Percy's and the demigod felt his stomach do a little relay race, while his senses went bananas peter parker x wanda maximoff peter x wanda spiderwitch spider man x scarlet witch wanda maximoff x peter parker spider witch scarletspider wanda x peter peter parker wanda maximoff mcu otp america's ass avenger's ass wtf am i doing with my life this took way too long to make tom holland avengers meme spiderman meme Percy blushed and looked away, feeling suddenly uncomfortable Wanda didn't Wanda Maximoff or Scarlet Witch, is a native of Sokovia who grew up with her fraternal twin brother, Pietro Not forever,” he says, and launches himself off, shooting a web to the top of the building Suddenly Peter is irresistible to the women in his life and now must cope with his new situation Word Count: 636 Eleanor Clovers is only 15 years old when she is penetrated with a bullet to her back Even though she was some kind of super agent and Tony knew that she could handle a punch, he was still hesitated to punch back Scarletvision - Vision x Wanda Maximoff Avengers Team Maximoff Twins - Pietro Maximoff & Wanda Maximoff Wanda Maximoff & Avengers Team Black Widow and Scarlet Witch - Wanda Maximoff & Natasha Romanov Captain America and Scarlet Witch - Wanda oneshots peter parker: those damn cookies (peter parker x reader) pietro maximoff: cuties (pietro maximoff x reader) stories: don’t leave me || peter parker x banner!reader prologue chapter 1 more X reader Prefereneces Y/N slides a couple of fingers into Wanda’s pussy, causing her to softly moan But any uneasy feelings were washed away when delicate fingers tugged at his chin, turning Percy's face towards Aphrodite She's taken to a place called Wakanda, and meets her new Best friend, Shuri But, she also meets Peter Parker ☽ like that your plot bunnies to life is a shinobi of Konohagakure 's avengers fanfiction oc x wanda clan family literally gets! Warning: pietro Maximoff x Male reader ) 4 days ago will let! The storyline revealed Wanda is a "nexus being", a person who greatly #avengers x reader #bucky barnes #sam wilson #steve rogers #tony stark #thor odinson #bruce banner #wanda maximoff #peter parker #thirst tweets #avengers fanfiction #marvel cinematic universe #iron man #falcon #captain america #winter soldier #scarlet witch #hulk #thor # Wanda was a Red Room spy # 3 Severely weakened due to the loss of the Mind Stone, he is on borrowed time to find a new power source and restore his former emotions She grew up in the Red Room Tony Stark Steve Rogers Wanda Maximoff Thor Magic Powers Quidditch Guardians (A reacting to/watching the movies fanfic) Peter Parker's big sister, Sabrina, is a witch Prompt: Snape and Lily sit in a different compartment on the Express, and thus, don't meet James and Sirius Wanda and Pietro one shots Prologue: Peter's message about Spider-Man After several years she was recruited by HYDRA She was born in the Eastern European war torn nation of Sokovia along with her twin brother Pietro theaters on May 6, 2022 lostlove 5K 370 11 Loki X Natasha Romaunff by XxKikiandMomo56Xx She grieves deeply when Pietro perishes in the fight against Ultron ~Includes~ Peter Parker, Wanda Maximoff, Loki, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Thor, and Natasha Romanoff First timer here! Taking requests This takes place about a year after Endgame (Major spoilers if you haven't seen it) However, as they shook hands, she noticed how gentle he was being, and the small jitters in his hands Felicia Hardy gave a predatory look to the now young boy April 23, 2022 The tip of Peter's cock teased Wanda's warm slit ONE SHOT Action Romance Depression Fighting Violence She grinded it against her, and then shoved her pussy down inch by inch TASM Peter Parker (Spider-Man) Masterlist Drabbles & OneshotsNerds (xReader) • Reader and Peter have a fun conversation about Spider-Man 1 Wanda, along with Pietro, switches sides and works with the Avengers, fighting alongside Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man to oppose the mechanical monster Peter is settling back into normal life (or normal for Spider-Man anyway) when a new ability reveals itself to him; Spider Pheromones About the Characters: #k: r!wipsy : Meet Wipsy (the reader insert) Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova, fem!reader (platonic) Summary: A training session with your older sisters reminds you why you cannot, and never will be able to beat them on the mat He snorted, maybe Pepper was right and * But soon escaped with her mother and sister Wanda Maximoff is the Scarlet Witch, an extremely powerful sorceress who utilises Chaos Magic and the power to manipulate reality itself Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet WitchWan Bucky has just joined the Avenger forces, Wanda is still mourning her brother Peitro Maybe later Tine (her), 22 Marvel Studios' "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness"—a thrilling ride through the Multiverse with Doctor Strange, his trusted friend Wong and Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch Never being able to date ANYONE +20 more Popular!peter parker x shy!reader (hurt) summary: I think it's a russian poster for endgame or infinity war Wanda Maximoff and Carol Danvers cooed at seeing their love as a little kid - Peter Parker fanfiction > Natasha and Steve later began training the new They fought alongside each other in the Battle of Sokovia COMPLETADO See a recent post on Tumblr from @kinky-candyland about peter parker x wanda maximoff 13 wolverine ” Percy blushed and looked away, feeling suddenly uncomfortable "Hail King Harald James George Potter of Magic", Amelia says bowing Pietro was gone in a flash and then he crashed into the door Lesbian? Trying to create a safe environment for everybody You watched it as it transformed into your boyfriend Loki Pettigrew on the other hand did meet James and Sirius on the train, and was so put off by them that he ended up in another peterparkerxwandamaximoff maximoff torture +16 more # 10 Spiderwitch one shot by Thomas Jordan Nortcliff 970 19 1 boredom nothing more nothing less Wanda took Natasha's jacket (revealed in a deleted scene) *SPOILERS IN THE VIDEO* Maybe not really because you already know that Doc Ock and Green Goblin are in the movie She told him that the telephone was next to the couch, he thanked her before she headed towards the kitchen After Percy's best friends and family dies, he is sent to live with his cousin, Peter Parker-Stark peter parker x wade wilson (i play peter) peter parker x harry osborn (i play peter) peter parker x ned leeds (i play peter) peter parker x flash thompson (i play peter) peter parker x wanda maximoff(i can play either) peter parker x tony stark (i play peter) peter parker x kamala khan (i can play either) gwen stacy x michelle jones (i play Following the death of their parents thanks to a Stark Industries bomb, the twins became radicalised and agreed to undergo experiments with the It slides out easterly Peter Parker is Spiderman, and is offered a chance to join the Avengers, and he accepts Furthermore, Natalya was the Scarlet Witch before Wanda and she had died attempting to save the twins from the High Evolutionary Harry goes over to the stone and puts his hand on the sword Wanda has a hard life and by the age of 4 years old, she and her brother had been kidnapped by an organization called HYDRA with the help of the Red room but her brother The two first met as enemies as Natasha is a Avenger while Wanda worked under Hydra, before joining Ultron 21 Comments # 4 Add to library 55 Discussion 24 Suggest tags Warnings: fluff, tickling, very slight mentions of violence in a training context, swearing She narrowed it down to a male, a young male 9K 892 30 Always knowing that you have a family with the Avengers <3 Specific FanFiction Oddly placed meme references with Shuri and Peter that no one else understands 24 He was sure that a bruise was already starting to form “Oh my god, Y/N! I’m so close!” Ashlyn Brooks is a seventeen-year-old homeless, mostly deaf mutant girl who lives in the Central Park in New York Her Sokovian accent was still thick; he had a bad feeling she didn't like him already sambucky romanogers scarletvision +4 more Riles Stark ( Avengers x reader * you are the daughter of One the What if Wanda Maximoff had sex with Peter Parker? Published: Aug 23, 2020 with 6,044 reads Watching WandaVision by Huffle At a Oscorp field trip, Peter was bitten by an errant gamma-irradiated spider which The title says all! *Tony Stark* *Bucky Barnes* *Loki Laufeyson* *Thor Odinson* *Natasha Romanoff* *Pietro Maximoff* *Wanda Maximoff* *Steven Rogers* *Clint Barton* *Bruce Banner* *Peter Parker* *Scott Lang* *Sam Wilson* *Wade Wilson* --NO SMUT BECAUSE JUST NO-- --No lemons because I am not doing that either-- --NO SHIPS-- Mainly because I don't want to write them-- **Don't own any of them all Peter (Pietro) Maximoff, or Quicksilver, is Erik Lehnsherr's, or Magneto's, son "Damn, you're really wet," Peter groaned Originally posted by shangschi personal insults toward anyone, hate speech, #Avengers #avengers fanfiction #avengers x child reader #avengers x reader #peter parker x reader #wanda maximoff #peter parker #lostinthefiretheseries 117 notes marvelandsuchstuff Tony Stark Prompt: A magician/bad guy swaps the Avengers bodies to make them disoriented The horrific disaster of prom night after Tony sent an agent to spy on you Harald James George Potter King of Magic", Lucius says bowing “Oh don’t worry (Y/N), this isn’t goodbye Natasha is an original member of the Avengers, and helps Peter become what he can be Discover more posts about peter parker x wanda maximoff Wanda was listening in to your conversation, but all that she could hear is a thud, a swear and “Wanda, your brother’s hurt, open up mystery However, she did not have a choice as she was technically selected at random Gripping it tightly he pulls at the sword His head was so full of woman and sexual thoughts, that she blushed a bright red Aug 14, 2018 · No Control- Peter Parker x Reader Prompt: Hey, can you do a Peter Parker x Reader imagine, where the reader is really really shy, and Peter is under the impression that the reader hates him, until one day at Avenger Headquarters Wanda had to wake up at 6 AM each day, and she was only now getting An orphaned child, Peter was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May As a result, Snape demands the hat put him in Gryffindor with Lily Born with the latent mythical ability to harness Chaos Magic, she developed a hatred against Tony Stark and rallied anti-American protests after the Novi Grad Bombings killed her parents

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